Eastern Rivers Produce Huge Fall Muskies

Eastern RiverGiant muskies were boated on the St. Lawrence, Detroit and Dave Lawrence of Orwell, Ontario, and Drason Vernon of St. Thomas, Ontario, were fishing the St. Lawrence on November 28 when snow and freezing rain began to fall. They nodiced the water temperature drop to 45 degrees, which seemed to make the baitfish more active.

“As we approached an area where we marked a large fish the night before, I showed the boat speed to 2.8 mph to get my 13-inch Grandma holoform perch pattern lure really working,” said Lawrence. “The fish hit the lure at moon up (about 5 p.m.) and peeled off 60 feet of line n a few seconds! She made three awesome jumps out of the water and after about 10-minuite battle Drason netted her.”

The musky measured 54 inches long with a 28 ½-inch girth, Lawrence reported. “After the pictures and measurments, we took her over to calm water to give her a chance to gain her strength back. She swam away nice and strong, straight out to the big rough water she came from,” Lawrence said. “Hats off to Drason’s netting job… not easy with three-foot waves.”