58 Pounder boated by team of Lazarus & Barbosa

58 PounderEd Barbosa of Meaford, Ontario, is no stranger to giant muskies being a regular customer of guide Mike Lazarus. At last light on December 10, he did it again.

Fishing with Lazarus on the St. Lawrence River, Barbosa caught and released a musky measuring 54 ¾ inches with a 30 ½ inch girth (measured both in the boat and in the water). On an IGFA certified scale and witnessed by three anglers, the fish weighed over 58 pounds.

“The 58 Never went away and the 60 never showed!,” Lazarus told Musky Hunter. At the time of weighing, Lazarus’ boat was in two feet of water in an area of no wind, so there was no scale movement.
The fish struck a Legend Perchbait. “It was so fat it didn’t look like a 50 incher in the net,” Lazarus said. “When put on its stomach, it did not roll over. It looked like a seal!”